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Finding out what is the most accurate bathroom scale can be important. People that have a body weight scale and weigh on a routine basis tend to lose more weight. If you are like me one of the first things I do each morning is weight myself. It does not change much, but it is a reminder to eat well for the rest of the day. It is also something to write in a weight loss diary or journal. In the February 2010 issue of consumer Reports, the top rated body weight scales were:

1.Taylor 7506
2.Tanita HS-302
3.Escali B180R B1805
4.Tanita HD-357

It was essentially said that it was a tie for the most accurate bathroom scale among these models.

In the past they did not comment on the body fat feature that is found on scales: however times are changing. I believe that in the future all scales will have percent body fat as a standard feature because of it's importance.

If you are thinking of getting a new scale check out:

Body Fat Scales Review ( that are also some of the most accurate bathroom scales.)

Consumer reports felt like all of the scales above were plenty accurate enough, but a couple of things to remember when deciding just on the accuracy of bathroom scales.

Most of us do not need extremely accurate scales, because our weight is constantly changing. The best way to accurately keep up with your weight is to keep a running average of the last 4 to seven days. (Example: Weight your self for 4 days in a row and then take the average by adding all the weights and then dividing by 4.)

Also remember that no one has come up with an extremely accurate way to quickly determine your percent fat. Periodically you will need to get your percent fat checked by someone who routinely uses a caliper for instance, and then compare that number with your bathroom scale.

Remember, the real reason you are weighting is to make sure your weight is headed in the right direction.

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