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Remember you can do this calorie count diet thing on your own. Just use these charts to eat fewer calories: calorie count diet charts

For Some people who are trying to lose weight, "calorie" is a dirty word, but a calorie count diet is the basics of all successful weight loss programs.  To lose significant weight , a person must choose a  low calorie diet plan that teaches one to count calories consumed and calories used in some form of an exercise calorie counter.  Weight Watchers is probably the most financially successful of the calorie count diets. Weight Watchers uses the point system.  Why points and not calories.  Weight Watchers has realized that foods with fat are readily digested by the body and foods that have fiber are a little more difficult to digest and therefore the body is unable to utilize all the calories from foods with high fiber.  These adjustments are minor. the real reason Weight watchers uses points is that it is easier to remember how many points one uses in a day than to keep up on points. Points is a way to round off the calories. (example  63 calories = 1 point)   It is much easier to remember 1 than to remember and deal with the math of 63.  ( If you are allowed 20 points a day, you can now eat 19 more points. If you are working with calories and you just have 1500 calories a day ....1500-63=  ?   .   See how hard it is to do in your head.  )   The disadvantage of points is that you have to have a little devise (point finder) with you to convert the calories, fiber, points.  The real advantage comes from the education of what is good to eat and only get so many points.  This is very similar to the "Eat This Not This" series of books.

I have just given you two good ways in which to educate yourself about calories, but they can be a bit expensive.  Now is your chance to rate the various programs for their ability to educate one about the calories in food,  the calories used by exercise and the bodies ability to adjust to calorie restriction.  What is your favorite calorie count diet?  

Help others find a good calorie count diet by rating any programs that you are familiar with.

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