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 Calorie Charts to Compare Foods

Think of 1 Calorie as 1¢round to the nearest 25¢ and you have Calorie Cash™. One can now make easy calorie choices by looking at calorie charts with foods of similar calories. By quickly looking at charts, one can now more easily see which fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy foods and high protein foods have about the same number of calories. Calorie choices become easier. Just want to do plain calories….now problem. All pages have Calories. Calorie Cash™ is about Calories in Food; specifically calories in real foods. Not just: How many calories to lose weight? But also, which foods to lose weight?

Calorie Cash™ is free and saves you money. You do not need to give me your email. You do not need to remember your User ID and password. Just book mark the charts you like and want to come back to. In going trough this site you will notice that you will be asked to think of calories as cash, and to use your cash (calories) wisely. Just think of 100 calories as 100 cents or one dollar. As an example if you decide to do a 1200 a day diet, you will have to stop once your $12 is spent. Use play money or a check off sheet (think check register) to keep up with your expenses. Or just do as I do and use calorie cash™ to help you approximate the calories in non packaged foods. Calorie Cash™ also makes it easier to find:

·                          How many calories to lose weight?

·                          How to count calories?

·                          How many calories burned exercising?

·                          How many calories in food?

·                          Food Journal template to keep you honest with what you are eating.

·                          Weight Loss Chart (Do not let your weight creep up on you!)

·                          Calorie Charts to help you plan your meals ahead of time.

Ok, I have organized the foods into groups using the MyPlate pie chart or the vegetarian equivalent to quickly show what kinds of foods you will need to eat. In planning your meals, it is important that you eat a variety of different foods, particularly fruits, vegetables, legumes and some fat preferably in the form of nuts olives or avocado. This chart is put out by the USDA. You will see that my idea of food is somewhere between Michael Pollan’s idea and the USDA. You will also see that they have a lot in common. To paraphrase Pollan: “If your grandmother would not recognize it, you probably should not be eating it.”

The one tool that is most useful to lose weight is the calorie chart. These charts will be arranged in a variety of ways to help you decide what to eat. The other free printable tool that you will find is the calorie cash™ chart. Since all foods will be rounded off to the nearest 25 cents, you can pick the foods of no calorie cash™, 0.25 calorie cash™, 0.50 calorie cash™ etc....

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