What is My Ideal Weight?

This site is about helping you answer the question: What is my ideal weight? Finding your ideal weight - not mine, not Miss America's and not Mr. America's. So what describes your ideal weight ?

Healthy Weight
Sexy Weight
Athletic Weight
Average Weight
Average Weight for your Age.
Body Building Weight
Beauty Pageant Weight

Searches on the Internet will find many different ideal weight charts and some of them can be dangerous if taken too seriously. All of these charts and calculators are merely a composite of average weights.

Many people will simply want the average healthy weight and will want to go to either Ideal Weight Charts for Men or Ideal Weight Charts for Women.

Another way to find your ideal weight is to just click on your height in feet and inches to see the discussion of how much you should weigh.:

Your Ideal Weight Comes from Your Goals

Why not copy and print the chart below so that as you go through the first section of this website you can see your goals clearly and remember them this time next year.

My Ideal Weight or Weight Loss Goals:

My Desired Weight  
My  Desired Body Fat Percentage¹  
My Desired Jean Size  
My Desired Dress Size  
My Desired Belt Size  
My Desired BMI²  
My Desired Waist to Hip Ratio³  
My Desired  Waist to Bust Ratio (women)  
My Desired Adonis Ratio (men)  
My Desired Weight Loss Goal  
Using This Diet  
Using This Exercise  

1. see this ideal body fat percentage chart or body fat percentage chart or percent body fat calculator
2. see body mass index chart or  this BMI chart for Men and Women discussion.
3. see ideal waist to hip ratio or  this  ideal body shape for women calculator.
4. see  ideal body shape for women calculator.
5. see ideal body measurements for men chart

If you like the chart above, why not print it off here and then start filling it out so that your weight loss goals do not become too diluted with time: Ideal Weight Guide

I looked up ideal in my dictionary, but I liked this definition from Wikipedia: Ideal (ethics), values that one actively pursues as goals.

Before you look for your ideal weight you need to ask yourself: What are my goals? What is most important to me? Is it your family, children, spouse, future spouse? Do you need to be healthy for them? Have energy for them? Do you want to please them by being sexy? Perhaps you want to be good at sports, or at least enjoy playing the games.

Of course many people are just selfish and want to be perfect. This is the hardest way to find your goals and thus your ideal weight. It is kind of a catch 22. Have you ever found that you are at your happiest when you can make o thers happy. It is contagious.

One of the roadblocks to achieving your ideal weight may also be the same people you try to please. You may already be a great person and are afraid to change. A change in your weight will not change that great person you are. Tell these people that you want to do it for them. Explain your ideals to them. Writing and talking in this manner will give your motivation.

When thinking of your weight goals think of these categories:

Healthy Ideal Weight
Sexy Ideal Weight
Athletic Ideal Weight
Strong Ideal Weight

Once you know your goals, you need to consider the goals of those who are showing you the charts. If they want you to lose weight for instance, they may show you a chart that says you are really overweight.

Perhaps now you are ready to go to the next tab:

or maybe you would like to know more about "ideal".

The Online Etymology dictionary 2001 gives this definition of Ideal:


1410, from L.L. idealis "existing in idea," from L. idea in the Platonic sense . Sense of "perfect" first recorded 1613. The noun meaning "perfect person or thing" is first recorded 1796 in a translation of Kant. The abstract idealism, also from 1796, originally meant "belief that reality is made up only of ideas." Idealist "one who represents things in an ideal form" is from 1829, as is idealistic. Ideally "in the best conceivable situation" is from 1840. Idée fixe (1836) is from Fr., lit. "fixed idea."

I do not know about you but I get uncomfortable when talking about perfection and idea in the same sentence. Now we are getting into the realm of "truth."

My brother spent about a year traveling around in a van called the "Epistemology Express"  Among other slogans on the van it said: "Just say no to Plato."  He has spent years studying truth and epistemology.

Perhaps you would still like to know about the Ideal Greek Body.

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