Carb Counter Chart

I decided to make a carb counter chart when I was doing weight loss book reviews.  I realized that I had calorie counter charts, but not carb counter charts.

Here is a list of recommended foods from the book Carb 1-2-3:

Bean sproutsEndiveRadishes
Bell peppersFennelSnow peas
Bok choyJicamaSpinach
BroccoliKalesummer squash
Brussels sproutsLeeksString beans
CauliflowerMushroomsWater chestnuts
CeleryMustard greensWatercress
ChayoteCheese and Dairy (low fat)Fish
PoultryMeats (lean)

Rozanne Gold also loves most of the fruits in moderation.

For a a more complete list of  foods and how many carbs they have check out:

 Carb Counter Chart (pdf)  

This chart should keep the carb coutnters happy, and help them achieve their ideal weight.