Best High Fibre Foods List

This chart or "Best High Fibre FoodsList" wasfound when I read the book the FullPlate Diet.  

VegetablesBeans and PeasGrainsFruitsNuts and Seeds
AvocadoBlack beansBrown riceApplesAlmonds
BeetsBlack-eyed peasBuchwheat groatsBananasBrazil Nuts
BroccoliGarbanzo beansMilletBlackberriesChia seeds
CornGreen peasPearl barleyKiwisHazelnuts (filberts)
Green cabbageKidney beansQuinoaMangoesPeanuts
KaleLentilesRye FlakesOrangesPecans
Romaine LettuceLima beansWheatPapayaPumpkin seeds
SpinachNavy beansWhole-grain cornmealPeachesSunflower seeds
Sweet PotatoesPeasWild ricePearsWalnuts
TomatoesPinto beansRaspberries

Thesefoods are not in order and in the book the Authors go to great lengthsto describe the benefits of the top 5 foods in each category. I like the books approach, because they pick the foods basedon all their nutritional benefits.  
atedresourcesI developed myown high fibre foods list differently, I took information from theUSDA's nutritional database, and divided fibre by calories so that Icould find out which foods had a lot of fibre, but not a lot ofcalories. The first link is a normal web page with a lot of data on it. The second link is the same information in pdf format. PDF is great for printing, saving to your computer and savingto your kindle or other reading device.

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