Weight Loss Program Review

Since most people are needing to lose weight, it is time to do a personal weight loss program review. Now is the time to look back and see what you have taken away from this site. Hopefully you have printed several charts that you can use while working on your ideal body weight. Where are you going to put these weight charts? Where will you see them everyday? Near the bathroom scale? In the kitchen? Will you keep a copy of the weight loss journal in your pocket or pocket book? After you have filled in these weight loss charts will you file them away for future reference. Will you review the records to see where you scceeded and where you failed? Will you periodically be doing your own weight loss program review to see whether or not it needs updating or improving. Will you be able to remember what you learned and experienced? I would suggest that you start a notebook or folder.

Start an Ideal Weight Notebook

Now is a good time to get organized. Find a three ring Notebook and hole puncher. Put in tabs. Mark the tabs as: 1. Vision 2. Goal 3. Year 4. Month 5. Daily 6. Results

1. Let us work on the first tab.

Vision. We have just talked about motivation. It is time to start thinking positive. Visualize how good you will look in a month, three months or year. Write down a vision for each of these pleasant views. Use the present tense. Your visions may look something like this.

A. In a month

I am enjoying eating healthy low calorie meals and I look forward to walking four times a week. I am now recording with pride my weight loss results and my friends admire me.

B. In 3 months

I am fitter than ever. I am strong and look good in my blue suit. I can not wait to get home walk and then finish off with a glass of unsweet tea.

C. In a year

I am hot. I am feeling sorry for those who have not tried the Yo-Yo-Diet yet. (it pays to advertize my in progress book)

2. What goes under the tab labeled goal?

Goals. Goals are similar to a vision but more specific and results oriented. This is where you put the numbers that make sure you are still in the real world and not just dreaming that you are losing weight.

A. In a month

I am going to lose 8 pounds, I realize that the first few pounds will probably be water weight.

B. In 3 months

I am going to be 16 pounds lighter than I am today and lose 4% fat. My weight will go from 215 pounds to 199 pounds and my percentage of body fat will go from 24% fat to 20% fat.

C. In a year

I am going to be 10% fat and only weigh 175 pounds.

3. The Year tab is for keeping up with the yearly calendar.

Year. There are times when you may want to change the calendar and you will need to find it. Let us say you win a trip to the beach. This is where you have to trade a week. Diets can be flexible, but rules are rules. This is why I always have a diet vacation planned for the last week of the year. I can always move it forward if I need to. Remember you can not break a week into 7 days. I day in the middle of your diet is like taking 3 days off, so 7 individual days would be like 3 weeks.

4. The Month Tab is for keeping all of your old montly weight loss charts. (also called weight loss monthly calendar or weight loss graph.)

These weight loss charts are really the heart of the weight loss program. When doing your own personal weight loss program review make sure that you you look closely at these graphs. Most people will have a goal of losing about 4 to 5 pounds a month. Are you losing about the right amount. If you lose too much the diet will not be sustainable. Did you not lose any weight? Look at the comments. Did you cheat? Did you exercise? Did you get into a good or bad routine?

I work in Quality Control for the Food Industry. The heart of any quality control program are the control charts. To be effective the charts should be filled out by the person in control of the process. You are in control of the process of lossing weight. You need to be consistent at filling out the control chart. You need to be weighing yourself everyday. You need to be making comments about any unusual events that occured on the day before the weighing. Only you can correct the process before it gets out of control. The weight loss charts, graphs, journals, diaries, and reminder services are only tools to help you. You can get the tools you need at this site, but only you can open the tool box (Ideal weight loss chart notebook) and use the tools.

5. Use the Daily Tab to Study Reflect and Learn about your weight loss success.

Find a quiet time once a day to reflect on where you are. Use the diary to record your food exercise and how you feel about weight loss. Be sure to write about your Ideal Body Weight vision. For the first month or until your habits are on the way to obtaining your perfect body weight make sure you write down your goal.

The Daily Tab should also contain your old weight loss journals so that you can refer back to them if you need to.

6. Hopefully the Resuts tab will be the Icing on the cake.

At the end of each month you should record your final weight on the yearly weight loss calendar. Yes you can use the same calendar that you used in Tab 1. Which should remind you to go back to tab 1 and make sure you are dieting when you planned to diet. It is amazing how we forget to get back on a diet or forget that we are on a diet. Diet or no diet keep up the habit of weighing and recording everyday. Every now and then come back to this site or sign up for RSS feeds or email so that you can periodically do your own weight loss program review. It is amazing how we all slide back into bad habits when we are not constanly improving and learning. When you get your ideal body, send me a picture. I do care but I have no control. Only you can produce that ideal body. Once you get that great body, take that strength, energy and beauty to try and make the world a better place for someone else.

As the old saying goes "Rome was not built in a day." It takes most people several months to lose the weight that will get them to their ideal body weight. That is why it is a good idea to get a gentle reminder every month to keep on weighing and trying to lose weight. Even when you are not on a diet you need to keep wighing to make sure that you are still on track. I still remember my first year in college. I did not know where a scale was at school. By Christmas vacation I had gained 20 pounds. You can not afford to wait another day to take action and start losing. Even if you were to find a better weight loss program later, why not lose a little bit of weight before you start. A bit of nagging and a monthly chart for downloading is a small price to pay for losing some weight. Just give me your email so that I can help you just a bit.

There are also specialized help for diets such as The American Heart Association.

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