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It is easy to use this printable weight loss journal or food tracker. Each meal is listed to the left with the contents of the meal in the next column. The third column is to record the calories of each meal item. There is room for recording snacks and comments as well. At bottom you will total your intake of food in calories or points depending on your diet. This form will ensure you are sticking to your goals. The daily journal form can be customized for any diet. For instance Weight Watchers is an excellent program and uses points instead of calories and so you would record points instead of calories. The main thing this journal is for is to record weather or not you stick to the diet. It is extremely important that you stick to the diet every day. One should plan to stick to a diet at least 10 days to get good results (really 8 days since the first two days do not count. As another example if one diets for 10 days but cheats one day in the middle then that is only 5 days on a diet. You can not count the day you cheat and the two days to get back on the diet. This is why it is so important to make a plan and stick to it. Besides the food journal that you see below, I also give away the PDF format of my book : "Easy Weight Loss Journal with Calorie Cash™" Just sign up for my newsletter which can be canceled at any time by unsubscribing if you are not happy with it. here are some printable weight loss journals in pdf format. The first Journal in the ebook is much longer than what is seen below.

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The second is made for someone who writes small to keep a weeks worth of data in their pocket by folding this paper into a smaller form:

Eight Food Trackers per Page
Food Journal
Date_____________Mon___ Tue___ Wed___ Thur___ Fri___Sat___ Sun___ 
Time & Place Food or Bev (describe and measure) Calories Why did you eat?
Total Calories___________________________

Easy Weight Loss Jounal

I offer a book on Amazon that you have to pay for if you want it preprinted, but I also give you a free printable version of this weight loss journal in pdf format. You just have to sign up for the newsletter above. Just click on the picture of the book to go to Amazon.

The book "Easy Weight Loss Journal with Calorie Cash."

Do You Know How to Use a Weight Loss Journal

You now have a journal. Did you know that there are more than one way to count calories? Here are some ideas of how to use a weight loss journal by finding out how to count calories to lose weight.
You can also count negative calories. Do a little exercise and you get to eat a few more calories. remember that if you are adding muscle to your body, your more muscular body will use up calories even when you are doing nothing. Also remember that these charts are just aproximations. Playing tennis does not mean siting in a chair on the tennis court. Calories Burned Durning 30 Minutes of Exercise The Ideal Body is more than skin deep. Being the correct weight is healty. Getting exercise is healthy. Make sure your heart is healthy and find out some of the benefits to your heart at

Before you get the idea that you can exercise instead of reducing what you eat, watch this video:

See what Tom Venuto has to say about a weight loss journal and a calorie counting chart.

The DietMinder Personal Food & Fitness Journal (A Food and Exercise Diary) is the best selling weight loss journal on Amazon.

Weight Loss Chart or Journal is a simple way to keep up with your weight. Working in Quality Control, I still prefer the graphical chart found under the tab (weight loss chart), but some may prefer this chart. Whatever keeps you weighing, recording and motivated.