Weight Loss Chart or Journal?

If you have asked yourself: Weight Loss Chart or Journal? The answer is yes. You really should do one or the other. Charts are easier, and you will develop a habit of recording how you are doing sooner, but a journal allows more in depth goals and commitments. A weight loss journal also allows you to be more flexible (which may be good or may be bad). So if you are like most people and having a hard time getting started. Print out this chart or the one in pdf: weight loss chart or journal (pdf)

After you are exercising and in the habit of recording your daily results, then add the journal or diary. When writing in your weight loss diary make sure to be positive. Envision yourself as strong and healty.

 Weight Loss Chart
Current Weight  
Starting Date:  
Daily Caloric Goal:  
Date Current Weight Weights Aerobic 5-6 Small Meals? Calorie Intake Eat Right? Cheat