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Almost everyone I know are searching for diets that works. In talking to these people it turns our that what works for one person does not work for another person. One of the keys to finding out what works for you is to know more precisely what  your needs are.  Some diets for weight loss are better in some areas and worse in others.  For example I have found "Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle " to be excellent in motivation but a little lacking in calorie information (ps  This program stresses the importance of one goal at a time; therefore, even body builders need to either be gaining muscle or losing weight. ).  This online diet program might be perfect for someone who has already tried an online weight loss program like "" that is good at calorie information but is not so good for motivation.  I find that every time I try a new online diet program I learn something new. Now is our time to write some weight loss reviews to help others.  As a scientist and engineer the one thing I can not stand is an online diet program that is nothing but conjecture and misinformation.

 The real trick is to find  diets that works for you.  That is why I have developed several surveys.  Please take a few seconds to rate any programs that you know about.  In the future as I get  more people to take this survey, I may only use results from people that give an email address.  The reason for this email address is simply to eliminate  repeat ratings from  someone who has a vested interest in one of these programs.  I will not use this email for any other purpose.  If you want to get future information from this site you will have to sign up for the "Weight Charts Monthly." separately.  The first survey is on this page. Links to the other surveys can be seen below this survey.

1.    Best General Online Diet Program Survey
2.    Best Motivational Online Diet Program Survey
3.    Best Muscle Building Diet Plan Survey (Losing Weight)
4.    Best Weight Lifting Plans Survey (Gaining Weight and Muscle)
5.    Best Calorie Informational Online Diet Program Survey
6.    Best Online Vegetarian Weight Loss Diets Survey
7.    Best Quick Weight Loss Plan Survey
8.    Best Healthy Diet Plans Survey
9.    Best Exercise and Diet Plans Survey

Instructions for - Best General Online Diet Program Survey

1. Just enter your name and email if you wish.

2. Then Give the program a grade ( A is the best, F is failing.)

3. Then hit the submit button.

Caution! Some of these programs may be Diet Scams. That is one of the things I am trying to find out.

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Thank You for telling others about diets that work. Here are the latest results of the Diet Programs Review: Diets That Work

Best Diet for Me is a chart that shows one more piece of evidence that there is no magic weight loss diet. The good news is that if implimented correctly most of those diets that require a person to take in fewer calories than they use will work.

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