Is there a quick weight loss plan? Survey says....

Is there a quick weight loss plan?   I am not sure.  Most of the quick weight loss plans rely on water loss and therefore dehydration could be a real problem.  Another problem with the short term thinking for quick weight loss is that people quite often lose muscle weight before they lose fat weight and then the next time they try to lose weight it is harder because the muscle requires more energy for upkeep.  I would not recommend any of these short term diet programs.  What I have found is that when I start any long term plan I tend to lose more weight in the first week or two than in the following weeks.  This is due to less food in the stomach and probably because I do not cheat when I first start a diet.  Consider trying a long term diet even if you are trying to lose weight for some event such as class reunion that is one week.  After the reunion you can lose a bit more weight.  

I will put in one plug for the quick weight loss thinking.  Some of the weight loss programs talk about life changes, and the thought of  staying on a diet forever is very depressing.  If I thought that I had to stay on a diet forever, I might totally give up and keep on eating.  For most of us the best rest of us the best results can be found somewhere in between.  Knowing  when to go of of a diet is extremely important.  If you cheat once a day  or every other day you might as well not be on a diet. When you go off of a diet go off for at least a couple of days, and when you go on a diet stay on it for at least a couple of weeks and stick to it strictly.  Do not cheat yourself.

Just because I have not found a quick weight loss plan, does not mean that one does not exist.  Please, answer this survey if you have ever tried a  quick weight loss program for losing weight.  It does not matter if it worked or not.  We are all just are trying to find the best ways to get in better shape.  Finding out what does not work is just as important as finding out what does work.

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