How Many Calories Needed to Lose Weight Calculator

Or Gain Weight

Calorie calculator to lose weight

Use this how many calories needed to lose weight calculator to determine a starting point for losing weight or gaining weight. Consume fewer calories than your average daily calorie needs, as this calculator gives, and you will lose weight. Consume more calories and you will gain weight.


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Activity Level:

Your Basal Metabolic Rate is:                    

Your Average Daily Calorie Need is:                    

To Lose 1 Pound a Week:                  

To Lose 2 Pounds a Week:                    

To Lose 2 Pounds a Week:                    
With one cheat day a Week:                  

To Gain 1 Pound a Week:


Some of you would rather see this information in chart form, so here is a chart showing how many calories an average person should consume if they are trying to maintain their weight.

If you want to lose a pound a week, eat 500 fewer calories a day. If you want to lose two pounds a week, eat 1000 fewer calories.

This chart was found on (It is a good site but you can get lost real quick.)

Calories needed to maintain weight chart

So, how many calories needed to lose weight?

Let’s go over the results above looking at the numbers from the Calories Needed to Lose Weight Calculator one at a time:

To lose a pound a week, see the third results in the table above. You will need to consume this many calories a day or less.

To lose two pounds a week see the forth results. Eat this many calories a day or less and you should lose two pounds a week.

The fifth and sixth results go hand in hand. Six days a week eat the amount in the fifth results in the chart above. One day a week reset your metabolism by eating what is in the very last results. (One day only) (I particularly like this option because it gets you thinking about how many calories you consume in a week rather than a day.)

Remember to bookmark this page, because as you lose weight you will need to eat less to continue to lose weight. Also remember to weigh yourself on a regular basis and to record this weight. When you begin to cheat, you will see the weight not being lost.

Now that you know how many calories a day it takes to lose weight, lets get started. I have lots of free calorie charts in html and pdf so you can either print them or download the pdf at ideal-weight-charts/ calorie counter chart

There is another way to count calories. This method was made popular by Robert Pritikin. Check out this page on using the density of calories needed to lose weight.