Density of Calories Needed to Lose Weight


Calorie density is analternative to the traditional calories needed tolose weight.  Thisform of calorie counting was made popular by ThePritikin Principle: The Calorie Density Solution by RobertPritkin.  I highly recommend this book if you wish to usecalorie density,because it goes into the details of why this works, the research thatprovesthat it works and it gives food plans and recipes.  Here isthe shortversion of how it works:

1. Eat foods that averages less than 400 calories per poundand you will loseweight.  
2. Eat foods that are less than 600 calories per pound to maintain yourweight.
3. Eat food between 600 and 900 calories per pound only ifyou are young andactive.
4. Eat food greater than 900 calories and you will gain weight.
5. Do not drink any calories if you want to lose weight. (This includesanything that would be a liquid at room temperature.)

Once you have used this approach for awhile, it becomeseasier than the traditional way of  figuring outthe calories needed to lose weight, because all you have to remember iswhat toeat, not how much. That is right.  You can eat asmuch as you like; you just have to eat foods that are low in calories.With this approach to weight loss you need neitherscales nor measuring cups.

If you decide to use this method ofcounting calories, I have made a chart for you that I feel is evenbetter than the chart  from  Robert Pritkin's book. This chart took a chart put out by the USDA and changed the  grams into pounds  and thencalculated the calories per pound and then arranged the foods in orderof calorie density.  So rather than finding out the caloriesneeded to lose weight  why not check out this printable FoodCalorie Chart.