Weight Loss Diary and Motivation

You can start a weight loss diary by using blank pages like the form that can be downloaded from this page or you can use any notebook or diary. By using blank pages you can add your diary to the other charts from this site and keep them all in a lose leaf notebook. You may already have a diary; this is the perfect place to also add your weight loss diary and weight loss motivation information.

1. Write down your goal. Be specific as to what your weight and % fat will be at a specific time. If you have a lot of weight to lose, break this down into 3 month increments.

2. Write down your visualization statement as if you have already achieved your goal in a more personal way. Example: I am looking good in such and such suit. I feel happy, energetic and strong. I look forward to eating my small healthy meal in a slow and enjoyable way.

3. Write about why you want to lose weight. The more reasons the better. The more people you lose weight for the better. It may also be ways that it can help people you have not even met yet.

Perhaps the main reason to keep a weight diary is for

No matter why you decide to start a weight loss diary, it is certain that you will want to record your weight.
Perhaps the main reason to keep a weight diary is for weight loss motivation Another reason that you would want a weight loss diary is so that you can better understand your emotional eating.
A weight loss diary sometimes takes on the form of a chart. If you want to start doing something right away, why not feel in these two charts on How to stop emotional eating.

Is your Proplem beginning to get into an exercise routine? Yet another reason to use a diary is similar to emotional eating and similar to the weight loss journal that we have talked about. In your diary at the end of the day you would simply list the foods that you have eaten that day. We will call this technique your food journal

Choose Your Friend - Some of your friends will help your weight loss motivation and encourage you to diet and exercise. Others will encourage you to eat and watch TV.

If you need a bit more structure and a place to start, try this printable food diary.

Still Need More Weight Loss Motivation or Help?

Under the Diet Review Tab We begin to talk about various weight loss programs. Before you take that step, consider signing up for the " Weight Charts Monthly." It is simply a monthly email that reminds you to work towards your ideal body and it gives you a monthly calendar that you can print out to track your results. Just go to the sign up below or on the left hand side of this page.

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Still More Diary and Motivational Help

The type of diary and motivational help you get by signing up above is entirely free. It is simply a reminder service, after all only you can lose the weight and or work out. Once a month you will get an ideal weight calendar/diary/chart which used properly becomes a control chart/diary. Because it forces you to take action every day, it is a great place to start and begin to change your habits, but later you may still want more help.

I have found the best inspiration and motivation in kind of a funny spot. The advice is given by a body builder named Tom Venuto in his classic ebook, "Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle," he gives great nutritional advice, but the best part of his ebook is the advice he gives on motivation. Once you read the long ebook, the steps are actually real simple, best 12 foods to eat, best 12 foods to avoid, simple diarty methods and techniques. In fact he stresses simplicity and in getting into simple habits. For example most every morning he has the same thing for breakfast.

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