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Use this blog to discover your ideal weight or to lose weight by using the charts, journals, diaries, books, and other diet and nutrition information as it becomes available.

---Keep up to date as new information is learned and new tools created that can help you lose weight and or lead to a healthier life.

---Be Reminded on a regular basis to go weigh and see if you need to go back on a diet or take other nutritional action.

More Weight Loss Books

More Weight Loss Books

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Calories Needed to Maintain Weight

Calories Needed to Maintain Weight Calculator and More

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Ideal Weight Charts for Men

Dr. Moreno ideal weight chart

Use these ideal weight charts for men to find your weight goals.

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Ideal Waist to Hip Ratio

Do you have an Ideal waist to hip ratio?

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Calorie Chart

Insect Nutrition and Calories

A calorie chart is better than a calorie app as this variety pack of calorie charts will show.

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Weight Loss Calendar

my weight loss calendar

Plan your diet vacations with this Yearly Weight Loss Calendar.

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Amy Jackson

I am not too familiar with Amy, but I like her picture and someone sent it to me.

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Sarah Brannon

Her 34bs were a perfect handful and her waist and hips formed a nice body

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Danny Devito

Danny Devito with Anold

His effortless looks make him timeless, his height nor proportions could date a specific trend but have been sexy for as long as there has been consideration.

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Kwon Yuri

Kwon Yuri might not a really big bust but her bust looks to be around a C cup. she has a pear shape but with her height and athletic build I really really

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