Kwon Yuri

by Muna
(Ohio, US)

Kwon Yuri might not a really big bust but her bust looks to be around a C cup. she has a pear shape but with her height and athletic build I really really love her shape. You should look at her pictures in the Fashion King press conference since she's wearing a bodycon dress that accents all of her curves. She exercises daily from what I know and her body is something that I really aim to have. There was a point in time in 2011 that she seemed to have gone anorexic which you can see in this video and I'm glad that she recovered really fast by 2012. I really love that she kept her healthy athletic build after and before that which makes it seem like she likes her healthy body and wants to keep it instead of trying to starve herself to become thinner than a stick like a lot of celebrities.

Also one image of her has been added to the pintrest page.

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