Ideal Weight Loss Calendar

This is how I keep up with my weight loss

Perhaps the first thing to notice is the days on this calendar that are blocked off with a yellow x. These were days that I decided a long time ago that I was not going to diet. I have gone on a diet once a year for about the last 60 years. Usually the first of the year for me. The good news for me is that I never have to lose more than about 20 pounds.

Get your calendar out right now and decide which days you want to diet and which days that you want to have Diet Holidays. Be real. Are you going to diet on Thanksgiving? Your Birthday? Just remember the more holidays you take the less you will lose. Make sure you have time periods when you go at least two weeks in a row.

The second thing you might notice is how I am losing weight fairly fast. I am only eating about half what I need to eat. I am eating healthy and doing well but I am not really losing as fast as it appears. For me about the first 5 pounds is glycogen and water weight. My weight loss will slow down and I will not stay with such a restriction in calories more than two weeks.

The third thing I want you to notice is that all my appointments… are on this calendar. Planning your weight loss goes hand in hand with planning the rest of your life.

one block of a calendar for weight loss

Now the next thing to notice about the calendar is to take a close look at one block. There are four things that I put on there to hold me accountable.

1. Weight

2. Percent fat (I get that from my scale and it is not that accurate. Be careful as you will need an expert at fat loss if you get less than about 15% for women and 10% for men. Most of us need some fat.)

3. On this day did you stick to this diet completely? ( If you have too many no answers that could be the reason you are not losing weight.)

4. Did you exercise today? ( It is not necessary to exercise but it helps to keep you healthy and strong)

Look below at the monthly calendar chart. Plot your weight once a month on this chart to see how you are doing.

Now go ahead and schedule your year. Keep in mind this is the big picture with yearly goals being supported by daily actions. Remember that if you want to loose weight you will need more weight loss days than vacation days. Maintenance days do not need to be counted. (I am not too crazy about maintenance days because it is almost as hard to maintain as it is to diet. It is a difference of only about 500 calories.) Now put your choices on paper and stick to it. Click here to access printable Yearly Weight Loss Calendar (new window)