Weight Loss Products That Really Work

When it comes to the best weight loss products that really work, I do not believe in drugs, or herbs, or magic foods. As a chemist, I know that some drugs can do amazing things, but every substance that I have come across that was touted as a weight loss cure, has worked only slightly at best, and usually has side effects if it does works at all. I believe in changing my lifestyle. I believe in eating less and moving more. To measure is to manage;threfore, I believe that you should every now and then measure your food.  I  believe that you should measure your weight on a regular basis, I believe that measuring other things such as percent fat, and your waist line are also important. Here is my weight loss shopping list:

1. Weight Loss Books
2. Scales (bathroom)
3. Weight Loss Calendar to record your weight
4. Sneakers.
5. Jogging suit
6. Kitchen scales
7. Measuring cups
8. Toys for being active (for me it is a pair of binoculars to get me outside.)
9. Sporting equipment
10 Exercise equipment

You should also think about others in your family. How does this list effect their weight and lives?  If there are any small children in your life, you should especially think of them. Their toys should not only get them to move more, but should also get them to use their imagination.  I particularly like outside toys for children and adults.

Oh! I almost forgot your pet. Do not sit on the couch and throw that ball. Get a frisbee and go outside. Your pet will have so much more fun if you are moving and playing too.

This small Amazon store should get you started in the right direction. Now that I have given you the list of weight loss products that really work. Take the weight loss list above and make your own list. What items do you have and which ones do you need?

When it comes to weight loss products that really work, my favorite is the unique weight loss calendar that I have made, that is modeled after the process control charts used in factories hospitals and where ever one tries to control a process. Go ahead and control the process of weight control.