Ideal Body Measurements for Women and Men

Finding ideal body measurements for women and men starts here. I have recently divided this page into two pages as I got more information:

Ideal Body Measurements for Women


Ideal Body Measurements for Men

Your Chance to Put a Face to Ideal Body Measurements

Ok, I know I am dating myself with these two picture, but I know the question is timeless (and personal). Throughout this web site I have given all kinds of "ideal weight charts." Now through pictures, I hope to show that these numbers are just goals and should be taken with a grain of salt.

Arnold Schwarzenegger about 1975
Paul Newman about 1967 in "Cool Hand Luke"
Does Taylor Swift have an ideal body?
Or does Dolly Pardon have an ideal body?

This idea came to me while watching TV the other day. It struck me that Taylor Swift seemed too thin. Of course I am an old 58 year old man. Maybe if I was 18 I would think she had the ideal body. Ideal measurements, ideal weight...sometimes it is good to just look at individuals to see that there are many ideals.

Who do you think has the ideal measurements ?

  • Taylor Swift or Dolly Pardon?
  • Paul Newman or Arnold Schwarzenegger?
  • Give a more updated version.

I hope you are beginning to see that there is no such thing as perfect.

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Do you have a great story about this? Share it! Who do you think has a great body? I would particularly like for men to comment about women and women to comment about men so the opposite sex has an idea of what the other thinks. Pictures would be great also.

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Danny Devito 
His effortless looks make him timeless, his height nor proportions could date a specific trend but have been sexy for as long as there has been consideration. …

I think that Carmen Electra has a great body 
She's so curvy & to me looks as though she's healthy, & meant to be whatever her weight is. Some women just don't look like they're supposed to be thin, …

Christine Ricci Not rated yet
She balanced out her figure by following the proper proportion for her height, and adjusted the distraction from her persona

evangeline lily Not rated yet
just the right mix of femininity and muscle Mike, The Ideal Weight Enginner says: No argument here. I enjoy girl watching, but in this case it …

Nicole Johnson Not rated yet
Shes an unknown plus model. She is tall, curvy and fit. She has worked very hard on her weight loss and is an inspiration. She has lost almost 100 pounds …

Paul Newman Not rated yet
Because he is fit, he hasn't over done it. He looks strong enough to carry his bride over the threshold without getting out of breath, whereas arnold looks …

Taylor Swift Not rated yet
she is built like me :) Brittani & Taylor Swift have Ideal Bodies by Mike This website is about finding your ideal weight, and if that means …

Brittney Spears Not rated yet
Brittney Spears regardless of what you may think of how she acts in my opinion has a great body. She's not rail thin and she has the womenly curves in …

Brad Pitt Not rated yet
He's thin, but it looks good on him! Even if he gained a few lbs., he'd still look good! I don't really think thin people look good, but today it seems …

I think Francesco Totti has a great body Not rated yet
Francesco Totti is an Italian football player. He has been playing for AS Roma (from Rome) since he plays football. He is known as Prince of Rome. He has …

I think the gal on the left has a great body Not rated yet
She looks more natural ... But I am a woman, and beauty is in the eyes of beholder :)

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