Brad Pitt

by Carol

Does Brad Pitt have the ideal body weight?

Does Brad Pitt have the ideal body weight?

He's thin, but it looks good on him! Even if he gained a few lbs., he'd still look good! I don't really think thin people look good, but today it seems just the opposite is true, a huge percent of the population is Overweight.
I think the whole "big is beautiful", theory is encouraging the younger generation to think being (fat) is o.k. We should be encouraging more awareness of healthy eating and exercise instead of (your beautiful at any weight)! It's getting pretty sad. If it's a health issue, then address the issue, and fix it!
People that go to the extremes of weight lifting to get those "mega muscles" is also a waste in my opinion. (especially women) I don't think it is attractive at all.

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