More Weight Loss Books

I concider these weight loss books to be just ok. Some of them may be excelent books, it is just that they are not concidered to be primarily weight loss books. As an example, I really enjoyed reading:

More Weight Loss Books

The Obesity Myth
by Paul Campos

“Why America’s Obsession with weight is hazardous to your health.”

If you are losing weight for your health, you may not need to lose as much as you think.  You may not lose any at all. 

This book may actually discourage some from losing weight, and in the long run I feel that this is dangerous to your health despite his belief that the dangers of low level obesity and overweight are overblown.  In writing about ideal weight charts, it is difficult to know to whom I am writing.   Some people worry way too much about their weight, and some do not worry enough.  

The Maker's Diet

by Jordan S Ruben

This is about diet for health as much as to lose weight. It has some really good information, but it also has some questionable information. Read this book with a grain of salt, and be careful not to be taken in by some of the sales pich for various specialty foods...

The Complete Idiots Gride to Losing Weight
by Susan McQuilan MS R.D.
and Edward Saltzman, MD

This book has a lot of great information, and could serve as a good reference book, but I did not find it very motivating.  It gives one too many choices which can make it difficult for those that are having problems making decisions.

The Men's Health Diet      

By Steven Perrine

This is a good weight loss book for a young man who also is interested in building some muscle.  It is a little hard to follow  a plan but there are lots and lots of valuable tips.

Now Eat This Diet

By Rocco Didpirito

I am not going to go into a lot of detail on this book, because it is not for me. Who is it for?  This book is for those who want to do serious cooking in a lower calorie low fat way.  It appears to be a great light  cook book.  I also like the way it is organized with lots of charts for meal layout etc.If you want to cut some calories here is a good restaurant primer.

The Effortless Weight Loss Solution

By Ian K. Smith

If you are mostly wanting to be healthy by eating the right foods and lose a little weight in the process, this is the book for you. I really like all the lists and charts in this book. It presents healthy eating in a simple easy to remember format.  Just check out this Balanced Diet Chart from this book.

The Diabetic Chef

By Franklin Becker

If you are mostly wanting to control Diabetes and lose a little weight in the process while eating some really tasty food, this is the book for you if you are willing to put in some time in the kichen. Just check out this vitamins chart from this book.

Hungry Girl 300 under 300

By Lisa Lillien

This too is more of a diet cookbook than a weight loss book.  These recipes are quite easy. Many of the recipes are for single servings which is good because it keeps one from eating too much.

I Can Make You Thin

I read this book and listened to the CD. It was not bad. It can not hurt, but I did not get much out of this book. When it comes to motivation Tom Venuto can not be beat.

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