A Balanced Diet Chart Based on Color

This balanced diet chart which is based on the color of foods was taken from information in  the book by Ian K. smith called 

EAT The Effortless Weight Loss Solution

  I love all the charts in this book.  It makes eating healthy so much easier. Besides this list of foods that lead to a healty balanced diet, there are other charts and lists in the book that tell you which foods to eat, which foods to not eat, and how much to eat. There are charts that divide carbs into good carbs and bad carbs, whole grains and not such whole grains, charts that show good proteins and bad proteins.

Blue/Purple Group Green Group Orange/Yellow Group The Reds
Blackberries Artichoke Apricots Beets
Blueberries Asparagus Cantaloupe Cherries
Eggplant Bok choy Carrots Cranberries
Figs Broccoli Corn Guava
Plums Brussels sprouts Kumquats Papaya
Prunes Cabbage Lemons Pink grapefruit
Purple cabbage Celery Mango Pomegranates
Raisins Collard greens Oranges Radishes
Cucumbers Peaches Raspberries
Green bell peppers Pineapple Red Apples
Green onions Plantains Red bell peppers
Honeydew melon Squash Red cabbage
Kale Sweet potatoes Red Grapes
Kiwi Tangerines Rhubarb
Lime Yellow pears Strawberries
Okra Yellow peppers Tomatoes
Romaine Yellow tomatoes Watermelon
Spinach Yellow watermelon
Turnip greens
Antioxidant to reduce risk of heart disease,cancer,stroke. Indoles and Folate (Vitamin B9) Carotenoids help protect eyes and skin and much more. Anthocyanins and Lycopene