Weight Loss Motivation

Some people believe that it’s all about them. When it comes to weight loss motivation they are told to think about how wonderful they will feel and how good they will look… This is OK, but you need many kinds of weight loss motivation, and these personal motivations should be written down in your weight loss diary to remind you of all the reasons you are trying to lose weight.

I lose weight for my self and my health, but here are some of the other reasons I lose weight. I do it for my wife. I want her to be proud of me. I want her to have a man, not someone with man boobs. I do it for religious reasons.

Remember when they said “Eat that, there are starving people in the world.”? I change that to “Save half of that meal, there are starving people in the world”, and that even makes sense. Even though I grew up Catholic, I am Methodist now. I miss the custom of giving up meat on Fridays, it taught me self control and scheduling. I miss taking Lent more serious, although I still try to give something up every lent. It may be fatty deserts; it may be alcohol…something that makes me better and the world better.

Most of the great religions have some type of fasting. I also try to eat less and more locally for environmental reasons of using up fewer resources. Lose weight for your children. You will have more energy and more fun to be around. Do it for someone you have not met yet.

When it is just about you it is too easy to justify that big piece of cake by saying I want to lose weight but I also want that piece of cake. That logic does not work for these other reasons, so go ahead and record in a journal all the reasons that you want to lose weight. I won’t look.

I have now given you my ideas for motivation. Now it is your tern. Make it personal, and make it for others, and write it down to reinforce your ideas.

How to Enhance Motivation

Goals - The contribution that goals make toward motivation is they provide a target. Just like the archer needs to be able to see the bull’s eye of the target, goals define the direction that motivation power will travel. In order to harness the power of motivation a target must be clear and in sight. Having an idea of the amount of weight loss desired, the time frame and the method will provide direction for your motivation. Sighting in on the target and taking aim with the desire to hit target goals is what motivation is about. Without a target, motivation is not possible.

Commitment - Goals that are worth accomplishing will require the power of commitment. Commitment is the amount of energy you are willing to harness for the purpose of losing weight. If you are highly committed to accomplishing your weight loss goals a high degree of energy will be made available. The desire to see your goals come to fruition produces the energy of commitment. A high degree of desire will manifest through a powerful commitment to achieve. Committing to be “all in” or “all out” will factor into the level of commitment and motivation available to achieve your weight loss goals.

Determination - Each day we make decisions regarding what direction to apply our efforts. The power of determination is about making decisions that will increase your motivation to achieve. In this case the decision to successfully reach the target goals of a weight loss program. It must be determined that you will take the necessary actions that will produce the desired results. Working in concert with commitment, determination multiplies motivation to achieve. Being determined and committed toward achieving your weight loss goals will release the motivation power in the right directions.

Accountability - The power of accountability is like a compass to keep you on track toward your goals. After taking aim and releasing your motivation power a review of the results will be in order. If the goal was reached it is time to move on to the next goal and if the goal was not reached, finding out why. These are the functions of accountability. The performing of periodic assessments regarding if you reached your short term goals will be crucial for accomplishing long term results. Keeping yourself accountable will ensure that you stay on track and are following the track toward successful goal achievement.

Responsibility - At the root of responsibility is the work “response”. As aim is taken on a target many things can influence whether the target is hit or not. If you have a setback how you respond will be important. If your response is to lose faith in the process or blame yourself unnecessarily then the energy to accomplish your goals may be lost. Picking up the pieces, learning where you went wrong and beginning again is a proper response that protects motivation. Proper responses will bring you back on course toward your goals where, commitment, determination and accountability can recharge your motivation. Remember your level of your motivation will be in direct proportion with your weight loss results.

Choose Your Friend - Some of your friends will help your weight loss motivation and encourage you to diet and exercise. Others will encourage you to eat and watch TV. Women, my exercise for woman is a web friend to encourage you.