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For a large percentage of people these types of exercise and diet plans offer the best way to not only lose weight but also to get in shape.  Therefore, please rate them for their healthy diet and exercise potential.  Because we have already have a survey for muscle building diets these programs should be rated for their aerobic type of exercise.  It is assumed that a person signing up for one of these courses will set aside at least an hour 3 times a week to exercise, so do not downgrade them just because they make you work hard.  It is also true that if you want to lose weight, you will have to do some form of  calorie restriction.  This can be tricky because some people enter a program with a lot more knowledge than others, but I feel that every program should at least try to teach some basically calorie restricting diet principles.

When it comes to my exercise and diet plans, I cut back on my calories (from experience about 2000 calories is right for me because I exercise for fun and have a job where I am moving all day long)  my exercise is running.  Actually I call it birdjogging.  I grab my binoculars and go jogging while listening and looking for beautiful and interesting birds. My exercise which is only for about an hour is the highlight of my day. Just remember the body is extremely efficient when it comes to exercise. Cutting back on calories is the real key to losing weight.  Before joining one of these programs you might ask yourself: "What would I really enjoy doing?"  I am 58 and married now. when I was younger and really wanted to get looking good with flat abs... that is when these programs really shine.

Help others find their perfect exercise and diet plans by rating any programs that you are familiar with.

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