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I just came back from a family vacation. Out of 16 people, three are now vegetarians.  I am not a vegetarian and have not tried any of  these vegetarian weight loss diets that are listed here.  I need your help.  Which one of these programs is the best?  Please help by giving us all what information you might have about any vegetarian diet plan. to take the survey, you do not have to answer all the questions, just the ones you know about.

I feel like the succes of  any weight loss program is in what vegetable and fruits you are eating. So many of the people that I know that have weight problems do not like vegetables. Perhaps one of these vegetarian weight loss diets is just what they need to force them to love at least a few vegetables.  I also feel strongly that vegetables are under rated as far as being a source of long lasting body energy.  For example beans and peas have low glycimic indexes and moderate calories; therefore they would continue to supply the body with a small amount of energy for an extended time period and thus not signal to the body that it was hungry.  

Be careful however.  I know lots of vegetarians that have gained too much weight.  Being a vegetarian is not a cure all for being over weight.  One must still reduce the intake of  highly processed starches such as french fries, pizza, white rice and mashed potatoes....

Even if you are a vegetarian, you may find another weight loss program more useful.  Every weight loss program even vegetarian weight loss diet plans should talk about building muscle and  doing aerobic exercise.   Do any of these programs talk about exercise?   Please share any knowledge you might have.  

Help others find a quick weight loss plan by rating any programs that you are familiar with.

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