Ideal Body Shape for Women

In finding the ideal body shape for women, let’s start with the most important shape factor. The most important female shape factor is the waist to hip ratio. This factor is not only important in deciding whether or not you are healthy, it also lets you know if you are shapely.

Waist to Hip Calculator

Find Your Waist to Hip Ratio 

Enter your waist size:

Enter your hip size:


General Waist Hip Ratio (WHR) Guideline Chart
Men: WHR of 0.95 or higher indicates health risk
Women: WHR of 0.80 or higher indicates health risk



 Health Risk
Based Solely on WHR
 0.80 or below  0.95 or below  Low Risk
 0.81 to 0.85  0.96 to 1.0  Moderate Risk
 0.85+  1.0+  High Risk

Women,  measure the waist at its narrowest point, then measure the hips at the widest point.

Men,  measure your waist at navel, then measure hips at widest point.

Divide your waist measurement by your hip measurement
waist _________  ÷  hip_________ (where buttocks are the largest)


If your WHR (Waist to Hip Ratio) was between .6 and .8, you are shapely and you are ready for the next factor. Now let us look at whether you are top heavy or bottom heavy with the Bust to Hip ratio (BHR).

Find Your Bust to Hip Ratio 

Enter your Bust size:
       inches or cm:

Enter your Hip size:
inches or cm:


General Bust Hip Ratio (BHR) Guideline Chart

Women: WBR of 0.80 or higher indicates health risk
BHR greater than 1.05 Strawberry or Voluptuous
BHR between 0.90 and 1.05 Hourglass
BHR less less tha  0.90 and  Pear or Spoon

Women,  measure the bust at its widest point,and then measure the hips at the widest point.

Divide your bust measurement by your hip measurement
bust _________  ÷  hip_________ (where buttocks are the largest)

The chart below was taken from reseach done in the military in Human Engineering.

Here is some data taken from mil-std-1472D

  5% of women below this in (in) 95% of women below this (in) 5% of women below this in (cm) 95% of women below this (cm)
Bust Circmference 30.8 39.5 78.4 100.2
Waist Cicumference 23.4 32.9 59.5 83.5
Hip Circuference 33.7 41.8 85.5 106.1
WHR 0.694362018 0.78708134 0.695906433 0.786993402
BHR 0.913946588 0.944976077 0.916959064 0.944392083

If you did not have the ideal Hip to Waist Ratio of between .6 to .8, your shape will be determined by your weight and height.

As your BMI goes up above 25, you will lose your weight and approach the round shape ( where your waist is bigger than both your hips and your bust).   As  your BMI goe sown below 18.5 your shape will become more  of a rectangle or ruler.

The most common way to describe  a womans shape is the fruit method. Pear for a triangle shape or bottom heavy, strawberry for the inverted triangle heart shape or top heavy, hour glass for happy average, the apple being round, and the banana being like a column, shapeless or boyish.  But do not get too carried away with the details. These are all relative descriptions.

Jennifer Aniston has Ideal Body Shape

Did you see that just the other day, Jennifer Aniston was named the hottest woman of all time by US Weekly? A nice body yes, but it is her attitude and personality. She seems so real. As a guy talking to other guys, I am constanly amazed at how different our tastes in women are. As a 60 year old man, I am amazed at how sexy 60 year old women are.

Are they more attractive now than when I was a teenager? I write about the  ideal shape, but I do not really understand it all. It is not about anyone else. What is your ideal weight and ideal shape? What do you want to do? What do you want to be able to do? Play sports? Run? Shop all day? Garden? Take a hint from Jennifer Aniston. Get Real.

By the way. Jennifer Aniston is concidered pear shaped.

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