Empty Calories Food List

Check out the empty calories food list below. You will see that some foods such as sodas and alcoholic beverages are considered to be completely nothing but empty calories. Other foods such as butter, cream, cream cheese, margarine may as well be considered totally empty of calories. What do I mean about "empty calorie?"

Define Empty Calories

If you left off the empty calories you would not be missing out on vitamins, fibre, phytochemicals or any of foods other benefits.

Empty Calories of Alcohol and Fat

Recent research of Alcohol reveals that one drink a day can have health benefits. Of course these recent studies also go on to report that more than 3 alcoholic drinks a day can be very harmful to your health. Likewise, some fat is essential to heath. It is suggested that we get about a tablespoon (3 teaspoons) per day.  The point of empty calories is that we need no sugar, corn syrup, alcohol or saturuated fat to live healthy, and that too much of these foods is bad for us. Just try to eliminate these foods from your diets.

An empty calories food list

Calculating Empty Calories

For most foods not containing alcohol one can calculate how many empty calories a food has. First look at the nutritional label. First find out how many grams of sugar there are in a serving. (The total number of calories will be about 4 times the number of grams.) Next look at how many calories from fat. Add the total calories from fats and sugars to get the total number of empty calories.

You can also divide the empty calories by the total number of calories to see what percent of the food is in the form of empty calories. The lower the better. Really question any food that is 20% or more of empty calories.

Location Location Location

There are some places in the world where high fat high sugar foods would be concidered health foods. When you are starrving, the sugar is great, and in some parts of the world a shortage of fat in the diet causes children to have developmental problems. Some fat is extremely important for the healthy growth and development of children.

Aunt Onie
I have an aunt who lived to be 113 years old.  One of my favorite stories about her is that when she was in her youth (80's and 90's) she would take her exercise by walking about a mile....to the Krispy Kreme donut shop. she would eat one donut and walk home.  The key here is one.  If there is any point I would like to get across in the website...it is ....all things in moderation.