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How to Gain Weight the Healthy Way

How to gain weight the healthy way? As a word of warning, this web page is not for those that are pregnant; however, if you are pregnant my calorie counter charts are a great source of nutritional information. They are also a good source for those looking for high calorie foods. For those not pregnant, to gain healthy weight one must gain muscle and not fat. Look at it this way: Your body is actually doing you a favor by staying thin. It knows that too much fat is harmful. The fastest way to gain muscle is to lift weights, but too much lifting can actually be counter productive. The problem with most web sites is that they give bits and pieces of information and no direction. If you go to the gym you will also get confused. Some guys are almost professional. I know I do not have as much time as they do, and their regiment would do more harm than good for my relatively small body. Others are naturally big and trying to stay thin, etc, etc. There is nothing better than going to the gym and knowing what you are doing. Now that I have chosen a program and know what I am doing, I realize that most people in the gym that I thought knew what they were doing were more lost than I was. It is a good thing that I did not ask them for directions. Pick one program and stick to it. Here are three programs that are good programs and will help you get bigger muscles. They will all show you how to gain weight in a healthy way. I will try and help you find which is the best program for you.

Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle. This is the program that I use. It is not a gain weight diet, but it does show one how to eat healthy and shows one how to eat to gain muscle weight. This program advocates natural weight gain, but me, I constantly have to lose weight not gain weight. I like this program because it seems to be the oldest and most proven muscle building program on the web. (just go to you tube and you will see hundreds of success stories) This guy was showing the importance to weight loss of having muscle way before there was a “Biggest Loser.” It can also be the cheapest if all you want to do is learn how to gain muscle. Simple join the Inner Circle for one month then cancel after learning and writing down the most important elements. I also like this program because it is so simple. It tells you what foods to eat and which ones not to eat. It has a weight lifting schedule of either four days a week or three days a week, and tells you the order and timing. For some this simplicity may seem like a disadvantage; they want more videos and entertainment…. I was able to gain muscle while losing weight. That was all I wanted.

Vince DelMonte No-Nonsense Muscle Building.

This is the program that I would suggest for most of those who are skinny and want to bulk up. That is Vince’s specialty; after all he used to be known as Skinny Vinnie. His program is also great for those who want to see how to do exercises as he has more examples. Most importantly, this program will keep you focused.
See what Vince has to say about the benefits of weight training

Adonis Index. This Program will also keep you focused, but focused on a slightly different goal. A goal that might prove to be healthier for some people. If you want to gain some weight but not too much, then this is your program.

Here is what John Barbaran (creator or the Adonis Index) has to say about Fitness and Health and how to gain weight the healthy way: “Fitness and Health are poorly defined terms and can only really make sense when you apply your own personal definition. With that said there are general definitions that most people will accept as having at least something to do with both health and fitness. The term “health” seems to have something to do with reducing risk of premature death and disease, namely having favorable blood markers for disease such as total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, HDL/LDL ratio, Triglycerides, glucose, insulin, blood pressure and heart rate. Beyond that, reduced stress and how you feel in general are probably the most important indicators of health. The term “fitness” on the other hand seems to refer to movement and capacity to be active. So far there isn’t one measurement that indicates health AND fitness, until now. I think the Adonis Index ratio might the one measurement that indicates both health and fitness. In recent years height to waist ratio has gained favor over BMI as a better indicator of health and disease risk for lifestyle disorders such as cardiovascular disease, obesity, and diabetes. But height to waist ratio doesn’t say much about fitness. I think the addition of the shoulder measurement and thus the Adonis Index ratio is a more complete measurement of both health and fitness. Having a healthy and fit body is synonymous with having a body that other people will admire.”

John John is the creator of the Adonis Index

Is there such a thing as Healthy weight lifting? Yes definitely, but there can be too much of a good thing. Several studies have shown that people who have high BMI are at risk even if that weight is in the form of muscle. Weightlifting is like everything else in life…too much of anything is a bad thing. The problem is knowing when to stop. That is why I like the Adonis Program. It gives a definite achievable goal. Once you achieve that ideal index you can slow down your exercise to a maintenance level. The only thing that I disagree with in the program is the lack of aerobic exercise and maybe this is just because I love to go jogging. Is a weightlifter fit? Being fit is slightly different than being healthy. Fit has more to do with being able to move your body in a capable manner. If fit means being able to lift heavy objects then weight lifters are definitely fit. To increase other means of being fit remember to stretch before and after lifting and every now and then play some fun games. Also go do yoga, stretching, running or biking every now and then. I hope this information has shown you How to gain weight the healthy way. Keep it fun.

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