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A good weight loss calendar is one of your best investment deals when it comes to achieving or maintaining your ideal weight. In describing the calendar I have to offer let me tell you what this calendar is not:
Book cover for 2013 Weight Loss Calendar and Planner• A good weight loss calendar is not pictures of skinny people to motivate you.
• It is not a weight loss tip of the day.
• It is not a calendar with motivational sayings.

There is nothing wrong with these tips and motivational sayings in a website or book, but in a calendar it takes the focus off of what is really important; staying on track to eating fewer calories is what is important. Besides, a picture of a good looking person (guy in my case) first thing in the morning just makes me want to punch him, and a motivational saying just makes me sick at my stomach.
So what makes a good weight loss calendar? Here is what you will find in this calendar that is modeled after various quality control charts:
• A place to plan your weight as you plan your life.
• A place to easily record your weight and see your results whether good or bad
• The results is in order (similar to a control chart) to see trends and take immediate action.
• A place to plan for problems
• A place to plan your calories, calorie cash™, points, servings or whatever you use to count or limit calories.
• A place to journal and or use a diary so that you can record your own thoughts and use your own motivation. And yes a place to put good tips. When you write the motivation and tips, you own them.

In the back of this planner you will find another weight loss tool. The calorie chart also gives calorie cash™. The calorie chart is in order with the lower calorie foods in front and the higher calorie foods in the back of the chart. For example all foods of approximately 0, 25, 50 and 75 calories are grouped together to make your food choices easier.

Even if you prefer the ebook, check out the book at Amazon and then come back to this page. I can not sell the ebook on amazon because the epub format is not suited for you adding your own input on a daily basis.

Do not want paper? You are in luck. This download costs less and gives you more. The download consists of 5 excel workbooks. Each workbook has multiple worksheets. For example Each month has its own worksheet. Also each Calorie Cash™ amount has it's own work sheet, so that you can quickly find the foods with 25 calories or 100 calories...

Download it now, before 2013 is over.

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After watching that video you deserve something more, so I have decided to also include my last book which I have put in pdf format as a free give away if you buy my book. It will come automaticaly if you buy the excel version.  If  you buy the  Amazon version, you will have to come back here and  contact me with the date of your purchase.

Now look at the yearly weight loss calendar. The first use of a diet calendar is to decide what days or months that you do not want to be on a diet. Think of these as your diet vacations. Pick times that are always difficult to diet anyways like Christmas and or Thanksgiving. I find it easier to diet at the beginning of the year when everyone else is dieing and in the summer when I can eat lots of fruits and vegetables. You should not diet for too short a time period and you should take a break for more than a day so that you can relax. A week is a good amount of time to take a break. If you only have a little to loose, you might try additional time which you designate as maintenance weeks (I find maintenance weeks difficult, but others may not.) See below for an example of a Yearly Calendar.

Now go ahead and schedule your year. Keep in mind this is the big picture with yearly goals being supported by daily actions. Remember that if you want to loose weight you will need more weight loss days than vacation days. Maintenance days do not need to be counted. (I am not too crazy about maintenance days because it is almost as hard to maintain as it is to diet. It is a difference of only about 500 calories.) Now put your choices on paper and stick to it. When you are tempted and people say…You can cheat just for this party….You can say… No it is against the rules of the “Yo-Yo diet." (I am in the process of writing a book called "The Yo-Yo Diet....How to Lose Weight by Controlling the Yo-Yo." to be at They will have no idea what you are talking about but will realize that it is important and that it is against the rules. Or tell them according to the "Yo-Yo diet" I will have to diet three more days to make up for one day off track and to get back on track. Your commitment will eventually materialize into weight loss results. Click here to access printable Yearly Weight Loss Calendar (new window)

At first it may seem that there is little difference in a weight loss calendar and a weight loss chart, but after using the calendar you will begin to understand that with the calendar, you are building the diet into the rest of your life. Just like using a calendar is a habit, your diet will become a habit.

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