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Tired of reading about ideal weight charts? Relax and watch some of the best videos found on the web that will help you get that ideal body weight.

I produced this video. It tells about the importance of weighing yourself and using a control chart to help you lose weight. Scrbble on this chart and it doubles as a diary. Since it is in the form of a calendar, use it to plan your dieting. Set upper tolerance limits so that you know when to get back on a serious diet.....but remember to take diet vacations during special occasions.

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This ideal weight charts video is really funny. Even if you do not need to lose weight it is entertaining.

I put this ideal weight charts video in here because this guy says that he is still obese according to the charts, but he does not look very heavy. I put this in here to make you feel better. I want you to try and get healthy but not worry about how you look.

Once again i just wanted you to feel better about your weight. I feel this video puts a face on ideal weight. She says that she is on the line between healthy and overweight.

This video although it is a bit commercial shows how to go throught the math of calculating ones BMI. (The formuala is not perfect...As something gets bigger but keeps the same shape it increases as a power of 3 (cubed) not a power of 2 (squared) That is why the cdc recommends a large range.

This "adonis effect" is based on greek ideal measurements. Women do seem to like this basic shape.

Click Here! to see how yuour body compairs to the adonis effect.

This is the program which has worked for me. Because of its advice on motivation it is a great way to get started. Also a great video in that it talks about counting calories.

Want to learn more? Click Here!

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