BMI Chart for Men and Women with Age

When looking below at the BMI Chart for Men and Women with Age, notice a couple of things.

  1. Both the ave BMI chart for men and the ave BMI chart for women go up with age.
  2. Both the charts cross the line for a BMI of 25 at about the age of 30. (A BMI above 25 is concidered overweight, so even in 1970 about half the people over the age of 30 were concidered overweight.)
  3. At the age of 40 the two lines cross, indicating that the BMI of women becomes higher after this age.

Chart of the ave BMI of Men and the ave BMI of Women.

Some have suggested that this trend indicates a natural increase of weight with age, but I would caution about the word natural.  Notice that at about the age of 55 there is a decrease; I believe that this could be because those that are morbidly obese may be dying and therefore pulling the average down.  Even if we are not in the category of morbid obesity now, it does not mean that if we do not continue to try and lose weight that we will not end up in this category.  If your idea of the ideal weight is to be healthy, do not forget that being healthy is more than living a long time. It also means being able to play with the grandchildren and enjoy it as you get older. It means shopping all day and not being tired.....

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