Dukan Diet Food List

Dukan Diet Phase 1

Remember that this Dukan diet food list is only for the first phase and there are 4 phases to the Dukan Diet and this first stage is the also the shortest phase.  You owe it to yourself to check out the other three phases.

Lean Meats:

Beef roasts
Roast beef
Avoid all ribs (do not eat fat on any meats - cut it off )

Veal cutlets
Roast veal
Veal Chops (trim all fat)


Loin roast

No Lamb

Organ Meats:
Beef Liver
Veal Liver
Poultry liver

Cornish Hen
Wild duck
Chicken all except outside of wings and do not eat the skin.
All other poultry is allowed except farm raised birds with flat bills such as farm raised goose and duck.

Some low fat Ham (less than 4% fat)
Smoked Turkey
(less than 4% fat)
Smoked Chicken  (less than 4% fat)
Sliced dried beef  
(less than 4% fat)
(less than 4% fat)
Not deli hams, cured hams and smoked hams greater than 4% fat.

All Fish is allowed if not in oil and not fried  and not cooked with butter nor oil, L(eat it baked, poached, or steamed):
Oily fish such as sardines,mackerel, bluefin, tuna, and salmon.
White lean fish such as sole, halibut, cod, sea bass, mahi-mahi, tilapia, orange roughy,catfish,perch,skate,trout,flounder, and monkfish and other less known.
Smoked fish such as salmon,trout,tuna,eel, and haddock
Canned Fish if it is packed in brine, water or tomatoe sauce.
All Shellfish

"If you are not allergic to eggs, do not have high cholesterol count and cook them without oil or butter, you may eat 2 eggs everyday without running any risk during the brief Attack phase."

Vegetabe Protein:
Soy Protein (TSP)  (only for vegetarians not eating meat or fish)
Soy Milk  
(only for vegetarians not eating meat or fish)
Soy Yogurt  (only for vegetarians not eating meat or fish)

Vegetable Burgers( that are low in fat and carbs only)
Boca Grilled Vegetable
Boca All American Flame Grilled
Boca Original Vegan
Boca  Cheeseburger
MorningStar Farms Classic Burger made with organic soy
MorningStar Farms Grillers

NonFat Dairy (with no sugar or starch added):
Natural Yogurt
Flavored Yogurt (where there are no calories in flavor such as vanilla coconut, lemon)
Nonfat milk
nonfat sour cream
nonfat cream cheese
nonfat cottage cheese

The book is so much more than just a
Dukan Diet Food List, so please consider reading it.  You will find all kinds of simple recipes and suggestions and warnings.

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