BMI According to The Complete Idiot’s Guide

by Mike

Complete Idiot’s Guide to Healthy Weight Loss (2005)
by Beale,Couvillon and Clark

Says that: “Nutritionist often modify the BMI measurements to take into account different categories of weight and size. The numbers for men are slightly higher than for women. “

Women Are:
Underweight If BMI is less than 19.1
Ideal Weight 19.1 to 25.8
Marginally overweight 25.9 to 27.3
Overweight 27.4 to 32.2
Obese 32.3 to 44.8
Extremely obese greater than 44.8

Men Are:
Underweight if BMI is less than 20.7
Ideal Weight 20.7 to 26.4
Marginally overweight 26.5 to 27.8
Overweight 27.9 to 31.1
Extremely obese greater than 45.4

I like the way thet allowed men to be a bit heavier. I also like the way they have a category that is called marginally overweight. This is a good book by the way. It has a lot of good general information about healthy weight loss.

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