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What does this BMI Calculator for Females do?  It tells you your Body Mass Index (BMI) and what is normal body weight for your height? 

Did you know that there is no difference in BMI calculations for men and the BMI calculations for women.  The BMI suggested catecories are also the same.  That means that the cdc and many doctors fell that for the same height, that men and women should be the same weight.  

Some might feel like feel like some men should weight more than the recommendations and some might feel like women should weight less. I would highly discourage women for aiming low.  Even the Miss America's  average about a 19.5 BMI which would be concidered normal.

Ok, men. Since the BMI calculator for females is the same as the BMI calculator for men, you can go ahead and use this calculator.

Computation using
metric values

(kilograms and centimetres)

Computation using
imperial values

(lbs, feet and inches)

Input your height in centimetres:

Input your height in feet:
and inches (no decimals):
Input your weight in kilograms (no decimals) :
Input your weight in lbs. (no decimals)
Your BMI is: Your BMI is:

You have a better chance of living a long and healthy life if your BMI is between 20 and 24.

BMI interpretation for people 16 years or older:

below 16
serious anorexia
underweight, anorexia
normal weight
normal weight, longest life expectancy
above 35
grave obesity
Note: Very well-trained people can have a somewhat higher BMI than other's without being overweight.

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