BMR Calculator for Men to Lose Weight

Use this BMR Calculator for Men to lose weight. This calorie calculator will help you to determine a starting point for losing weight or gaining weight. Consume fewer calories than your average daily calorie needs, as this calculator gives, and you will lose weight. Consume more calories and you will gain weight. I do not advocate cheat days on your diet on a regular basis unless they are planned well in advance, but I added this section to get you thinking about how many calories you should consume in a week. Weight loss is a long term process and you need to think longer than a day.


(in years)


Activity Level:

Your Basal Metabolic Rate is:                    

Your Average Daily Calorie Need is:                    

To Lose 1 Pound a Week:                  

To Lose 2 Pounds a Week:                    

To Lose 1 Pounds a Week(with 1 cheat day):                    
With one cheat day a Week of:                  

To Gain 1 Pound a Week:


One final note. If you wish to use Calorie Cash™, then round this number off to the nearest 25 calories.

Caution! Be careful when using this calorie calculator because enven though it is one of the most accurtate calculators, even Rosa and Shizgal who perfected this formula admit that it is only about 14% accurate at best. On the page about how many calories to lose weight there is a scatter diagram that explains how we are all different and this page also gives calorie charts that are suggested by the USDA and other government sites.

If you would like a BMR calculator for women, go to this page on my site.

Remember that to measure your weight is to manage your weight.

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