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If you were asked to name a weight loss psychologist, you would probably think of someone like Dr Phil. If asked to name a weight loss doctor you might mention Dr Oz or any number of physicians. You can probably name weight loss researchers, weight loss dieticians and nutritionists, weight loss weight lifters and weight loss gurus. The Weight Loss Engineer does not make diets, he makes diets work better. The weight Loss Engineer treats the process of weight loss like any process that he encounters in a factory. The charts in this book are similar to the process control charts used in almost any factory. They are used in virtually every factory and  industry because they work so well, and they will work for you.

Keep the process of weight loss on track with the Weight Loss Engineer. .

Senior Quality Assurance Engineer with 30 years experience
Master of Science degree in Food Engineering
Quality Engineer, ASQ
Quality Auditor, ASQ

Easy Weight Loss Journal with Calorie Cash(tm)

Easy to Use Calorie Chart and Easy Weight Loss Journal
Authored by The Weight Loss Engineer

"Easy Weight Loss Journal with Calorie Cash(tm)"  is written by the Weight Loss Engineer who has a Masters of Science in Food Engineering and many years experience as a quality engineer having been certified by the American Society of Quality. He has spent years making sure that the food items that his companies produced were the correct amount and had the correct number of calories etc. Now he is using those same skills to help you consume on a daily basis the right amount of food so that you can lose weight.

Just like the operator on the production floor, you also have too many things to do in your life to be writing long journal entries or to be adding long lists of the calories that you have consumed. I have made calorie counting easier by doing much of the math for you by rounding off calories to the nearest 25 and 100 calories. Use play money to keep up with your daily progress not a calorie journal, so no pen and paper are needed. I have also made the journals easier by making them a simple check off sheets/weight record. Every government agency, every major University study, every successful weight loss program knows that you lose weight by cutting back on your calories. So get serious but make it as simple as possible with Easy Weight Loss Journal with Calorie Cash(tm)

Easy Weight Loss Journal with Calorie Cash™

Free Weight Loss Journal Free Calorie Cash™.

You do not have to buy the book to use calorie cash™.  Everything that you need can be found on this website. The small book just makes it more convenient to take the calorie chart with you and makes it more convenient to keep up with your journal entries.  Here is a chart to help you round off calories to the nearest  25 (1 calorie quarter™)  and to the nearest 100 calories (1 calorie dollar™ ):


Calorie Cash™

0- 12


















































 Here this chart is in PDF for those of you who find it easier to print and take with you:

Calorie Cash™ Estimator Chart

You can use any play money to keep up with your allowed calorie cash per day or calorie cash™ per week... You can use any play money to keep up with the calorie quarters, or you can use one of these play dollars to keep up with you calorie cash™.

Calorie Cash™ Play Money (pdf)
Calorie Cash™ with fold lines to keep up with quarters.

How many dollars of calorie cash™ do you get per day? If you are on a 1600 calorie a day diet, you get $16.00. Trying to stick to 2000 calories per day you get $20.00. And so on. Get started and try it. Calorie Cash™ is easier than keeping a food journal and you can keep it with you at all times.