Low Calorie Cantaloupe - Great on a Diet

First of all, I feel that fresh raw cantaloupe is a great food to eat when you are trying to lose weight.

There are not too many calories in cantaloupe and it is full of vitamins and minerals as the chart below indicates.

To summarize the chart, there are only about 25 calories in a one eighth piece of cantaloupe.

Want to see the original of this chart? Go to the USDA site.

It is also extremely easy to fix; just cut it length wise (or any way you want to) into half, then fourths and then eights. Each 1/8 of a cantaloupe only has about 25 calories or about .25 in calorie cash™. 

The other thing I like about cantaloupe is something I learned from my wife; it tastes great with salt and pepper. 

With salt in pepper it seems more like a meal than a snack. Just add your own non calorie beverage. Plain tea is getting to be my beverage of choice for cantaloupe.

A small piece of fruit such as cantaloupe with an egg for breakfast can really make the meal seem bigger and last longer.

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