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Easy build website? Do you want to know how to make your own website and make money too. I have tried several things. You can go to a cheap web host such as the one I used to use: webhostingpad ,but now I use Site Build It! Life is so much easier and I am getting much more traffic! Why write if no one is reading?

Just look at how my website about ideal weight charts is growing:

Easy Build Website with Site Build It ?

Yes.  See this triangle?

Most sites are in the dark blue section, near the bottom.

SBI! sites are largely in the Top 3%, as shown. And, after one year, SBI! owners have spent a fraction of your time and dollars. Every bit of that has gone into building a business, not fighting the barriers.

Non-SBI! site owners waste so much time and money chasing the holy grail of traffic. Despite paying all those dollars for "Platinum," Programmers and Powerful Packages, their sites sit idle, unvisited.

They occupy the bottom of the triangle because they all follow the same doomed route. Here's the big picture, old-fashioned   websites 

vs. SBI!


high prices (those add-ons add up) vs. one low price

major time loss (fighting barriers) vs. efficient focus on business

learning curves and complexity vs. "follow the Action Guide"

"marketing noise" chasing you at every turn vs. "follow the Action Guide"

no clean step-by-step process vs. "follow the Action Guide"

scattered information, process, and tools vs. complete and integrated set of the right tools

no knowledgeable community and culture of success vs. the help-and-be-helped SBI! Forums.

corporate focus on their bottom line vs. we focus on your bottom line.

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