Exercise Weight Loss Tips

When it comes to exercise weight loss tips, there are two main categories. Exercise to gain muscle which will burn calories all day long, and aerobic exercise which burns a lot of calories in a short period of time. Aerobic exercise early in the day can also get your metabloism to a higher level.


Should One use hand weights while walking? No! The risks outweigh the benefits. It seems like one could get aerobic exercise and muscle building exercise at the same time, but carrying weights will not provide the resistance needed to tone your muscles. It is true that hand weights can be a great part of your fitness routine, but use them separate from your walk. while walking they can increase your blood pressure, place strain on ligaments and tendons and may contribute to joint problems. You will actually be able to walk faster without carrying the weights, therefore getting a better workout. Safer ways to increase intensity include using walking poles or a weighted vest, which can distribute added weight across your body.

Walk around the Soccer Field

Do you find yourself just sitting while your child is at an activity. Show your child a good example and walk around the field as you wait. Try inviting a person sitting next to you, they may invite you next time.

Choose bikes skates and rideon toys to keep children healthy.