Exercise Equipment Compairison Checklist

For some people cost is no option. For some room is no problem. Use this Exercise Equipment Compairison Checklist to make sure you get what is best for you. Add your own ideas as to what is needed. Good luck finding something that will help you get your exercise. Do not forget to concider a fitness center. For me joining a fitness club is beter but I have friends that do beter at home.

If you prefer to work with pdf use this form to print: Exercise Equipment Compairison Checklist

Exercise Equipment Purchasing Checklist









Are training instructions, materials, and videos included?




Are instructions clear to understand?




Is the Equipment easy to operate? Try it if possible.




Can the equipment fit into your house space?




Can one move and store the equipment?




Can I assemble the equipment?




Is the equipment noisy or shake the house?









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