Food for Fitness

by Chris Carmichael

This is not a good diet book, but it is great for those who are into competitive sports.  This book is dense and one can learn a lot. It talks a good bit about “periodization.” It is a way of having rest days, strength days, or aerobic days… Each day is also supported by a different diet.  

Foods Grouped by what they Carry with Them
Carrier Quality Carriers Empty Carriers Pollutant Carriers
Spinach Cola Pork Rinds
Whole grain  Low-Fat Candy High Fat Candy
Salmon Kool Aid Dougnuts
Sweet Potatoes Pretzels Lard
Kiwi Fruit Low Fat Cookies French Fries
Chicken Breasts Iceberg Lettuce Fried Chicken
Brown Rice White Rice High Fat Meats
Soy Milk

There are easy to follow charts like this throughout the book. Ideal Weight Charts says:

Bottom Line….For Athletes and  those that play sports this is a great book.