Free Teen Weight Loss Tips

What do I have in mind by:  free teen weight loss tips?  Weight loss works pretty much the same for everyone: Eat fewer calories than you use and you will lose weight. Teenagers have the advantage of a faster metabolism than adults,but teenagers do face slightly different problems than others and this page will focus on giving tips that will help them.  The problems that teens face deal with peer pressure, identity issues (worried they may not be liked if they are thin), and they usually are not in charge of the menu.

 Number One Teen Weight Loss Tip -  Do Not Drink Calories

The fastest way to cut down on calories and lose weight is to drink only beverages that do not have calories such as diet drinks, water, black coffee, un-sweet tea.  

Number Two Teen Weight Loss Tip - Skip all Sweet Fatty Deserts.

Except for extra calories, these desserts offer little in the way of vitamins, minerals and protein for growing healthy bodies.

Doughnuts a Good Deal?                                         
When you do not have much money, doughnuts do offer a quick snack, but did you know that one plain cake doughnut can have up to 18 grams of fat?  For most of us, this can be about a third of their total fat allowance for the day.  The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend keeping total fat intake between 20 to 35 percent of total calories; furthermore doughnuts can pack a hefty dose of unhealthy saturated and trans fats.  If you have a choice, consider fruit or a whole-wheat bagel or English muffin with a tablespoon of peanut butter or nonfat cream cheese. Your arteries will thank you. And yes, even teenagers begin to have fat deposits on their arteries.

Teen Electronics Compete With Sleep                 

A Teen needs a lots of sleep optimally at least nine hours per night. Yet these adolescents have to contend with early school start times, homework and social activities. Research shows televisions, computers, cell phones, portable music devices and other electronic gadgets now also compete for the valuable waking hours of teens. This resulting sleep deficits may put this highly connected generation at greater risk for physical and mental health problems, poor school performance and car accidents and weight gain.  Tip  -  Go cold turkey and give up  your  favorite device for a week.  Or give it up for lent.

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