Free Weight Gain Tips

When it comes to free weight gain tips, I must confess that I have never had any problems gaining weight.  I plan to just pass things along as I read about them.  Well the first two tips are from me:

1st Free Weight Gain Tip – Enjoy Eating and Trying to Gain Weight.

I know easier said than done, and you would give me the same advice: to enjoy losing weight.  You would be right. We must all learn to appreciate what we have. People that are a little too thin, are often jealous of those that are a little too heavy, and vice versa, people that are a little to heavy are often jealous of those that are a bit to thin.  

2nd Free Weight Gain Tip – Gain Muscle.

There is such a thing as a fat skinny person.  It is the person that has no muscle tone but has little bags of fat. The best way to gain muscle is to use your muscle to the max, by lifting weight or doing strenuous work.  Use progression…..Try and lift or do more and more each time.  Also be aware of too much aerobic exercise such as running long distances that tells your body to weigh as little as possible.