Healthy Body Fat. What Type? How Much?

What is healthy body fat and what is a healthy body fat percentage? One question at a time. What is healthy body fat? There are many types of healthy fat on the body. The skin has a high percent of fat that helps keep out water based chemicals and life forms out. The brain needs fat to act as an insulator to keep the neurons from short circuiting. As a matter of fact, in some parts of the world where fat is lacking in the diet, children grow up with underdeveloped brains. Our bodies crave fat and fat also is slow to digest and so some fat is good to help curb appetite.

New research is showing a new kind of fat called brown fat that is more active than the white fat. The brown fat is more quickly converted to energy than the white fat. People with more brown fat tend to lose weight more quickly. It appears that people who spend a lot of time in the cold, have more brown fat.

Now to answer the question of what is a healthy body fat percent. This is answered in the page on ideal body fat percentage. It can also be quickly seen throught the ideal body fat percentage chart.