How to Get Fit Fast at Home

Get Fit for Free & Ditch the Gym

By Scott Tudge

This also is not a good diet book, but it is great for those who want to learn how to get fit fast at home..  This book is simple to use and it's split design is set up to take with you as you exercise.  There is nothing earth shaking in this book, but it describes in detail about 47 basic exercises that one can do at home. By using variations of these exercises it comes up with 120 different routines......

Because ther are 120 different workouts, you can workout one day on the upper body for example, and the next day on the lower body.  This alows you to get fit fast.  Also because you work at home, there are no excuses for not exercising like I could not get to the gym or the gym was closed.

These routines go from beginner to intermediate to advanced.  Each routine lasts from about 30 minutes to about an hour.  I higly reccomend this book because it shows one how to safely exercise all basic muscle groups.  The charts in the back of the book are the ideal way to keep up with how you are doing.  One simply makes copies of these exercise charts and then can keep up with your progress. I aslo like this book, because it is not theory but a well built take it with you as you exercise book.  I like this book because it does not assume that you know things like what is a dumbbell row or an Arnie press.  Video programs like P-90x are good but you can spend so much time fooling with the video and it is not really designed to build your strength like this program is designed to do. By using dumbbells, weights and adjustable bands, this program is designed to increase your strength and muscle mass.  with this book you can exercise inside, outside or wherever you want and do not have to be in front of the TV.

In summary I have not seen a better book yet that takes you by the hand and shows you how to get fit fast at home.