Jog Run Walk and............?

Jog run walk and do what you love to do. my favorite time of day is when I get to go jog walk run and bird. I grab my binoculars and I spend time outside in nature. Because I love it, I have been jogging for over 40 years. I start out walking, I do stretches after I have warmed up a bit, then I jog. Once or twice during my jog I break out into I run. I spot a landmark about 30 to 50 yards ahead and I then run as fast as I can. I am 60 years old now and so I stop jogging anytime I feel like it. I actually know two people that were older who died while exercising. I always felt that they were too competitive. I have discussed my plans with my doctor and for me he felt I was doing the right thing. When you go for your annual check up why not have a short list of questions for your doctor.

When I was younger, jog walk run meant something different. It meant that as I got in shape I would get faster and faster. I would start out by walking then I would progress to jogging and then to running. Whatever speed you move, all three are excellent forms of exercise. With every step you are moving the whole weight of your body and so you are burning lots of calories and building bigger stronger muscles and making quick progress to attaining your ideal weight.

If you are thinking about walking jogging or running for exercise, I highly recommend it. I suggest you put on running shoes and just start. If you are in comfortable jogging cloths and shoes you will be more likely to break out into a jog or run. You will use different muscles depending on how fast you go. At faster speeds you will be building stronger muscles and at jogging speed you will be building endurance. It is all good for you, so do what you enjoy.

what do you do while you jog, walk or run?

A couple in Santa Clause atire jogging down the street.

Do you Party while you jog?

A person walking (jogging)  the dog.

Do you walk (jog) the dog?

People running while sightseeing

Do you go sightseeing? Please share what you have done while jogging running or walking.

Jog Walk Run and.....? What do you do while exercising?

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