Kan MinKyung

by kp0pp3r

Kan MinKyung

Kan MinKyung

Shes great looking. Has worked on her body,,,and now is absolutely gorgeous.

Comments from Mike (Ideal-Weight-Engineer):

Well I was not familiar with Kan MinKyung and so I had to do some research to find up who she was. I did not want to find out that I was somehow supporting child pornography or something. Be patient with me I am 60 and she looks awfully young to me in this picture. Well I found some other pictures on the internet (nothing bad) and she did not look anything like a child in the other pictures.

Kan MinKyung is a singer in a South Korean band called Davinchi (which means something like... a light to shine over the world.) She is also an actress.

Any suggestions out there for women with great body measurements that are a little older?

PS: Another person suggested Kim Kardashian as being beautiful, with the self deprecating comment: "I have no bust." My comment would be that I am turned off by Kim's personality, and there is a lot more to look at than bust measurements. This site is all about finding your ideal measurements not someone else’s. Notice that Kan in this picture has a smaller bust than Kim but is considered by many to have ideal body measurements. Isn't it great that we all have different ideas of what is ideal?

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