Logan's Two for One Special

by Mike

I have had a lot of success eating at Logan’s Road House. Not everything on the menu is diet of course, and if I eat there I have a hard time resisting the peanuts and rolls. I get there two for one special for $13.99 and get it to go. I do like the subway diet; I eat half for supper and take half for lunch the next day. I choose either broccoli or the grilled vegetable skewer, either the potato or the sweet potato and one of the basic meats. Here is a list of some of the calories I found for these items.

What I love about dieting in this way is that I do not think about food. I am not always shopping and thinking of diet recipes. Yes I get in a rut, but that is what makes it easy. No thinking. Of course when I am in a hurry I also get a sub sandwich and make two meals of it.

Sirloin (6 oz) 386 kcal
Mesquite grilled chicken(8 oz) 288 kcal
Broccoli 44 kcal
Teriyaki Chicken(8 oz) 288 kcal
Mesquite Grilled Salmon (7 oz) 280 kcal
Grilled Vegetable Skewer 118 kcal
Baked Potato 278 kcal
Loaded sweet Potato 310 kcal
Chopped Sirloin (10oz) 665 kcal

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