The Mayo Clinic Diet Book Review

The mayo clinic diet book is a great way to lose weight. This is the only diet that has come from the weight loss experts of the Mayo Clinic. Bogus "Mayo Clinic Diets" have been been circulating for decades. These weight loss programs have been based on everything from grapefruit to cabbage soup, but they have no connection to the Mayo Clinic.

ideal nurse with weight chart

Ok, How does The Mayo Clinic diet book work? It gives you 10 habits to work at a time. There are 5 more bonus habits if you master the first 10. What about calories? It should be no surprise, but this diet is simialr to one I did through the nutritionist at the local hospital. This book works a lot to teach you about healthy foods and using serving size. It gives you the mayo clinic healthy weight pyramid and tells you to plan your meals around fruits and vegetables with small amounts of carbohydrates, protein (dairy, meat...) and healthy fats like nuts.

Another thing I like about this diet is that it encourages, keeping a food journal, charting your weight, keeping an exercise chart,and keeping a weight loss diary.

This diet book does not give you the forms for these charts. So bookmark this site and come back here after reading this book.

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