old nerds never abend

You are an old nerd if.....you not only know what punch cards are - you coded on them - extra points if you still have the program decks in your attic. . .

Mike (the editor of Ideal-Weight-Charts) adds:

I am a nerd. No extra points but I worked on computers even before punch cards. I used a small role of paper to keep my programs on. I was really proud of my 1974 program that showed a perpetual calendar. This calendar had choices as to which part of the world you wanted to know about because different parts of the world were historically under different calendars. This was 26 years before Y2K. Heck, young folks would think you were an old nerd just for knowing what Y2K stood for. (and that seems like yesterday)

Later (In 1976)when punch cards came out I did an experiment at a college where I dropped a stack of these cards in front of various people to see who would help me pick them up. How embarrassing and nerdy to drop a large stack of punch cards in front of cute girl my age.

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